With years of experience installing and supporting Novell, Windows NT, and Unix networks, WALSOFT COMPUTERS will tailor a networking solution to your company's specific needs. In addition, our service to you does not end after the network is installed. WALSOFT COMPUTERS provides a complete suite of network support options to ensure that your investment is constantly protected, optimized, and improved


Walsoft Computers Provide both on-site and remote survellance solutions. We tailor-make Surveillance solutions that fit individual clients. we offer services to both corporate and home users


Repairing a notebook is often more economical and more convenient than purchasing a new one. A major benefit is that it will already be set up exactly as you like with all your important documents, photos, music etc.

Laptop Screen Replacement:- Screens are very fragile and thus easily damaged. A broken laptop screen does not mean that your notebook has to be replaced. We will fit a cost effective replacement screens for just about every make and model laptop on the market. For approximate pricing on screen replacements, please contact us for a quote. A dimming laptop screen may also be fixed by simply replacing the screen.

We do Repairs, Upgrades & Replacements of:-
- laptop screen,
- laptop hard drive,
- laptop keyboard,
- laptop optical drive,
- laptop motherboard,
- laptop RAM / memory,
- laptop mouse / sensor pad,
- laptop outer cover, casing or bezel,
- laptop battery,
- laptop power adapter / charger etc

We Repair or Replace:-
- USB Ports
- Faulty Ethernet ports
- Faulty Power Jacks
- Faulty Power Adapter

Other Laptop Services:-
- Laptop Screen Replacement
- Preventative Maintenance - Laptops require servicing at minimum once per year. A general service will include a total strip and clean of the notebook, inside and out, and the cooling fans and intakes will be thoroughly cleaned out. This precautionary service will prolong the life of the notebook as well as minimise the risk of hardware failure later on.
- Fix Laptop Power Problems
- Data Recovery
- Laptop Overheating
- Cleaning of Liquid-damaged Laptops
- Hinges Replacement


Walsoft Computers Provide virtually anything in the IT sector. We also Rent out equipment at a fee. Contact any member of our sales team for more


Walsoft Computers can Provide Equipment and Software for any type of POS. we also service and maintain POS Systems


Whatever your organisation needs, we have the experience and expertise to deliver a full range of on-demand IT support and managed services to businesses, large and small.

Our Services tailored to complement your in-house IT resources. Get exactly what your organisation needs to boost efficiency, increase productivity and get a competitive edge.

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