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12 Months Warranty

Optronics WSVGA LED Screen/Display (N101L6-101)

Original Part Numbers: HSD100IFW1-A00, HSD100IFW1-A04, HSD100IFW1-F03, HSD100IFW4-A00, LP101WSA (TL)(A1), N101L6-L01, A101SW02 V1, AM-1024600BTMQW-T00H, AM-1024600L3HMQW-T00H, AM-1024600L3TMQW-T05H, AM-1024600L7TMQW-T05H, AM-1024600LHMQW-16H, AM-1024600LHMQW-T05H, AM-1024600LTMQW-00H, AM-1024600LTMQW-T00H, AM-1024600LTMQW-T04H, AM-1024600LTMQW-T05H-A, B101AW02 V0, B101AW02 V3, B101AW02 V3 TP, B101AW03 V0, B101AW03 V1, B101AW06 V0, B101AW06 V1 HW0A, B101AW06 V1 HW1A, B101AW06 V1 HW2A, B101AW06 V4, B101AW07 V0, B101NW01 V1, BA101WS1-100, BT101IW01 V.0, BT101IW01 V.1, BT101IW02 V.0, BT101IW03 V.0, BT101IW03 V.1, BT101IW04 V.0, CLAA101NB01, CLAA101NB01A, CLAA101NB03, CLAA101NB03A, CLAA101NC05, EKL10105005L, EKL10105006L, EKL10106001L, EKL10106005L, G101AGE-L01, G101STT01.0, HSD100IDWI-A00, HSD100IFW1-A01, HSD100IFW1-A02, HSD100IFW1-A05, HSD100IFW1-D00, HSD100IFW1-E00, HSD100IFW1-F00, HSD100IFW1-F01, HSD100IFW2-A00, HSD100IFW2-B00, HSD100IFW3-A00, HSD101PFW2-A00, HSD101PFW2-A01, HSD101PFW2-A02, HSD101PFW2-B00, HSD101PFW2-B01, HSD101PFW2-C00, HSD101PFW3-A00, HSD101PFW3-B00, HSD101PFW3-B00-C00, HSD101PFW3-D00, HSD101PFW4-A00, HSD101PFW4-B00, HSD101PFW4-B01, HSD101PFW5-A00, HT101WSB-100, HT101WSB-101, HT101WSB-200, LP101WSA-TLB1, LP101WSA-TLN1, LP101WSA-TLP1, LP101WSB TLN1, LP101WSB-TLP2, LQ101W3LG01, LTN101NT02-306, LTN101NT02-A01, LTN101NT02-A02, LTN101NT02-A03, LTN101NT02-A04, LTN101NT02-C01, LTN101NT02-C02, LTN101NT05-A01, LTN101NT05-L01, LTN101NT05-T01, LTN101NT05-U03, LTN101NT05-U04, LTN101NT06-001, LTN101NT06-2, LTN101NT06-B01, LTN101NT06-W01, LTN101NT07-800, LTN101NT07-801, LTN101NT07-802, LTN101NT07-901, LTN101NT07-T01, LTN101NT08-W01, LTN101NT09-W, M101MWW4 R0, M101NWT2 R0, M101NWT2 R1, M101NWT2 R2, M101NWT2 R3, M101NWT2 R4, M101NWT4 R0, M101NWT4 R2, M101NWT4 R3, N101L6-L02, N101L6-L03, N101L6-L05, N101L6-L06, N101L6-L0A, N101L6-L0B, N101L6-L0C, N101L6-L0D, N101L7-L01, N101LGE-L02, N101LGE-L11, N101LGE-L21, N101LGE-L31, N101LGE-L41, TFT1024600-11-E, TVL-55682D101U-LW-I-AAN, ZJ101IA-17A, ZJ101ZA-03B


  • Screen size: 10.1"
  • Resolution: 1024(RGB)×600 [WSVGA]
  • Screen finish: Glossy
  • Backlight Type:2 strings WLED , With LED Driver
  • Connector Type: BOTTOM LEFT 40 PIN

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